The Village Almost Without Greed

Someone wrote a spin-off dialogue after reading my own (The Village Without Greed)! I just read it and it's very interesting: Can we get rid of greed? Poverty?

BITCOIN: what is it and how does it work?

Online shopping is faster, easier and more efficient than ever, and it’s a group of payment systems that facilitate these transactions: banks and credit card companies have payment systems like Visa, Mastercard and PayPal. What is their role and how do they make money? In an online transaction, three main parties are present: the buyer,... Continue Reading →

A regional assessment of FDI and whether it stimulates economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and Asia

By Drishti Rai. Abstract Economic growth aids in reducing poverty and unemployment, improving living standards and budget deficits. Whether FDI stimulates growth in developing countries or not is therefore important as government policy prescriptions can be made accordingly. This question, however, has been often contested. In this paper, we examine the FDI-growth relationship in three... Continue Reading →

The Village Without Greed [Part 2]

DR: The financialising of industry and how it incentivises acquisition are manifestations of capitalism, the cornerstone of society. We have reached a point where banks, other financial bodies and large entities, including the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England, are deemed ‘too big to fail’. I have no doubt that if such entities collapsed... Continue Reading →

An introduction to foreign direct investment, its history and a literature review of its relationship with economic growth in developing countries

What is foreign direct investment? FDI is a category of cross-border investment made by an economic agent in one economy (the direct investor) to an enterprise in another. Traditionally, a foreign direct investment is a strategic manoeuvre with the objective of establishing a long-term, stable relationship with a foreign enterprise and between different economies. Such... Continue Reading →

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